This is for the 20 something's that feel burnt out

Tuesday, August 31

By Lisa Porter

I am tired, discouraged, drained, stressed and unmotivated. I am one out of many millennials that are burnt out.

According to a Forbes article published back in June, people are feeling more burnt out in their 20's than ever before. What is the cause of this? Will the burn out phase start younger and younger as more people in their 20's feel the stress that a lot of people weren't experiencing until much later in life?

A recent study conducted by Indeed revealed that burn out is at an all time high with 52% surveyors saying they feel burnt out and 67% participants saying their burn out increased during the pandemic.  In the article by Forbes it was suggested that one of the biggest reasons young people feel burnt out is that they don't realize they are.

Could it be because young adults feel as if they are possibly too young to feel this washed out?  How could someone so young and vibrant be this tired all the time. Surely we're being dramatic right? 


The work to play ratio isn't equal by any means and many of us feel all we have time for is work and sleep. How can we enjoy our lives when it feels like we can never get ahead?

Burn out affects each of us differently and the solution is not always a one size fits all however, there are some basic tools and tips to help in dealing with this that can be beneficial to everyone in some way. Below are five of the best tips that I have compiled from various helpful articles I came across.

1.  First things first you need to acknowledge you are burnt out. Sounds easy and basic, but this is very important. Identifying the problem makes it easier to fix it.

2.  There is something called the "Ying Yang" effect. This means that you need to identify something you need to take off your plate that is hindering you and something you need to add that is beneficial for your well being.

3. Take a daily break from social media. This one has revealed some amazing results for mental health. To be present in the moment and not comparing for even a day helps you to think more clearly about things going on in your life.

4. Organize your space. Whether it be your desk, office, kitchen, garage..etc., an organized space has been proven to increase productivity. 

5. Know your limits!  It is OK to say no! You are not any less of a hard worker or valuable person if you say no to something that is simply too much of your time.

For the people pleasers, the over achievers, and the people who just can't seem to turn off for a moment, consider this your permission slip to take more than enough time for your health and enjoyment.

Health is wealth and that is something we all tend to forget.

For more tips,suggestions and statistics visit these websites below:

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