100 things to do in 2020 (not really)

Saturday, December 14

By Yasmin Wilkie

It was the best of times it was the worst of times - 2019 is ending in just a couple weeks. The new year is upon us, and if you're not thinking about Christmas or having an existential crisis about how the decade is ending, you're probably thinking about your new years resolution. Exercise more, save up money, quit a bad habit- whatever you want to accomplish. And that's great! Aim high or achieve something you've been putting off. But if you're looking for a new agenda this year that's a little different, its your lucky day.

Sometimes, resolutions are really hard to keep; especially if you're not a very consistent person (like me). And while what I'm about to say might not make a lot of sense, but hear me out. This year, I'm making a bucket list of things i want to accomplish. I know, I just said I'm not a consistent person; however the things on my list aren't really "resolutions" per se; but they are things I really want to accomplish.  One thing to accomplish in 365 days just wasn't enough. I don't consider myself an ambitious person.

Often times I assign myself a project and then I get too stressed out or discouraged to finish it. But this year, I'm changing things up: first of all, the goals I want to accomplish are designed to make me happy. They aren't huge, but they'll make me feel better about myself and is a small step to making myself stick to things better. If you struggle with depression,  this might even help by lowering your goals just a tiny bit to make yourself feel stressed out (I'm not a psychiatrist, this is just from my point of view).

Things on my list vary from re organizing my closet to hanging out with friends more to overcome my social anxiety. And this is my favorite part: I'm keeping a journal (and actually write in it this time)! The purpose is not only to record what happened this year, but to jot down the things I want to accomplish and how I'm going to do that. The thing is, I tried to keep a journal for 2019, but at one point I just stopped writing; it became to painful to reexamine how tough things were getting. I don't really want to forget the bad things though- I learned a lot from this year and happy I went through everything because it made me a better person.

Another plus to keeping a journal is being able to track your progress and see how you've grown AND you'll be able to look back on it years from now. Maybe this seems like something you want to try but just aren't in the right headspace.  But you can make goals any day of the year. It doesn't have to be a new year's thing. As long as you're getting to where you want, you can start setting goals (no matter how big or small).

And I'm calling it '100 things to do in 2020' because it has a nice ring to it; chances are I'm not really going to do 100 things. And you know what...I don't care. It doesn't have to specific or well written because this is about making me happy.

I hope you found this atleast a tiny bit helpful, and I hope you get your fresh new years start you've been (maybe) hoping for. Happy holidays!!

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