100 reasons to be alive

Saturday, February 20

By Julia Sbarretti

For most of us the past year and a half has been incredibly tough due to the pandemic and all of the bad stuff it has brought with it, but for others the hardships have been going on for longer. Let’s face it, life sucks most of the time and you can sugarcoat it how you like but at one point you’ll have to face the hard truth of life. Lately i have been asking myself if all this pain and disappointment will make sense in the end. A long, dark tunnel is ahead of us all but instead of telling you how long and scary that tunnel is, i want to be the light you see at the end. It might be as big as stadium lights or as small as a match’s flame but trust me, it’s there. It’s 2021 and this year i’ve decided i want to focus on why life is worth living. so, without any further ado, i hereby present to you my (and hopefully after reading, yours too) 100 reasons to be alive:

  1. snowball fights

  2. crying your eyes out after finishing a book

  3. burgers

  4. telling your friends and family you love them

  5. showing the world what a boss you are

  6. the sun shining on the pages of a book as you read

  7. huggable people

  8. chandler bing’s sarcasm

  9. comedy central’s roasts

  10. listening to a specific song and making up a whole scenario behind it

  11. reciting random quotes from the twilight movies

  12. vanilla coffee

  13. watching vines

  14. smoking the occasional cigarette when i want to feel cool or just because i feel like it

  15. drinking champagne and feeling fancy af

  16. my grandma teaching me how to cook

  17. the song “hypnotized” by purple disco machine

  18. twitter

  19. a steaming cup of tea

  20. cute dogs

  21. marvel movies

  22. walking through Paris

  23. self-care routines

  24. buying scented candles

  25. teaching my niece all of the avengers’ names

  26. timothee chalamet and saoirse ronan acting together

  27. that feeling after listening to the euphoria soundtrack

  28. oscar wilde’s pettiness

  29. fighting for equality

  30. getting my friends to watch my favorite tv shows and movies

  31. picnics in the park

  32. being unnecessarily sarcastic at all times

  33. making people smile

  34. chris evans grabbing sebastian stan’s left boob

  35. my dog laying her head on me when she’s tired

  36. giving plants funny names

  37. fluffy cows

  38. mexican food

  39. phoebe waller bridge 

  40. emily dickinson’s poems

  41. doing crazy makeup looks

  42. bad jokes

  43. avatar the last airbender

  44. spending hours in bookstores

  45. my best friend telling me i’m “her person”

  46. being woken up by the sun rising

  47. harry styles’ entire discography

  48. taking photos of friends

  49. the song “sex, money, feelings die” by Lykke Li

  50. the silence and peace you feel when underwater

  51. long walks on the beach

  52. muffins

  53. the statue “cupid and psyche” by antonio canova

  54. bath bombs

  55. writing a heartfelt letter

  56. watching “the chilling adventures of sabrina” on halloween

  57. getting emotional when looking at paintings

  58. pulling all-nighters with friends

  59. the perfume of fresh cut grass

  60. telling a stranger you love their outfit

  61. classical greek literature

  62. making flower crowns

  63. learning a new language

  64. watching the waves crash on the shore

  65. the song “time warp” from the rocky horror picture show

  66. karaoke sessions

  67. drunk people singing badly at karaoke

  68. listening to old people telling their story

  69. the movie Thor: Ragnarok

  70. eating peaches in the summer

  71. the twilight soundtrack

  72. italian stracciatella ice cream

  73. big cities 

  74. late night talks

  75. the scent of roses

  76. sunbathing

  77. documentaries on ancient egypt

  78. going camping 

  79. the perfume of your home

  80. stargazing

  81. pranking people

  82. cozy sweaters

  83. baby animals being clumsy

  84. swinging on swings

  85. Milan at night

  86. the connection you have with your closest friends

  87. the movie "the breakfast club"

  88. dancing carelessly

  89. tony stark

  90. making someone’s day better

  91. hot showers

  92. blowing bubbles

  93. carrying out family traditions

  94. musicals

  95. the movie "the broken hearts gallery"

  96. 3 am trips to mcdonalds

  97. your mom singing to you as a kid

  98. eating italian pandoro on christmas

  99. inside jokes


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