2020 Recap in Black and White

Sunday, May 31

By Basiiraa

Years come and go leaving us only further aged, so many of us asked ourselves to deliver on our New Year Resolutions, to become new and changed people. We hoped the beginning of a new decade would inspire major moves, bring out the best in our potential and create a path to success yet here we are, living through the events of most significance in the 21st Century. Mass unemployment, a disease-stricken globe, people fighting for the right to live, fearing death by gun or virus, dwindling faith and wrecked mental health. 

Here is a chronological timeline, highlighting the rollercoaster of 2020, and what you have survived:

31 December 2019 – First Confirmed Case of COVID-19 (Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China)

1 January 2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR...NOT!

2 January 2020 – Large Bush Fires, killing as many as 500 million animals. (Australia)

9 January 2020 – New Planet TOI 1338-b discovered. (TESS)

16 January 2020 – Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump commenced in the U.S Senate. (USA)

18 January 2020 – Yemeni Civil War killing 111 Yemeni soldiers and 5 Civilians. (Yemen)

28 January 2020 – U.S President and Prime Minister of Israel announce Trump Peace Plan. (USA)

30 January 2020 – World Health Organization declares COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. (WHO)

31 January 2020 – First Transmission of COVID-19 to the Rest of the World (Lombardy, Italy)

31 January 2020 – The United Kingdom formally withdraws from the European Union. (UK)

That’s just January! Moving on to a less turbulent but equally scary February…

5 February 2020 – Donald Trump is acquitted on articles of impeachment. (USA)

11 February 2020 – World Health Organisation provided the official name of Coronavirus, as COVID-19. (WHO)

27 February 2020 – The 2020 Stock Market Crash – Worst week for the Dow Jones since 2008. (USA)

29 February 2020 – Luxembourg becomes the first country in the world offering free public transportation. (Western Europe)

29 February 2020 – U.S begins withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. (Afghanistan)

February was the month of toilet paper hoarding, people fighting over baby formula, shoppers were restricted to certain amounts of essential items, and more deaths of COVID-19 were being recorded outside of the epicentre. We move on to an even more eventful March:

8 March 2020 – Italy places 16 million people in Quarantine, being the first country to issue a nationwide lockdown - in efforts of curbing the spread of COVID-19. (Italy)

9 March 2020 – Oil Prices take the largest fall since 1991. (Russo-Saudi)

11 March 2020 – World Health Organisation declares COVID-19 a pandemic. (WHO)

12 March 2020 – Global Stock Markets crash and the U.S travel ban is imposed.

13 March 2020 – Mount Everest is closed to climbers, due to COVID-19. (Nepal)

14 March 2020 – Spain goes into Lockdown, after a surge in COVID-19 cases. (Spain)

17 March 2020 – UEFA postpones Euro 2020 association football tournament until Summer 2021. (UEFA)

20 March 2020 – COVID-19 cases reaches a quarter of a million. (WHO)

24 March 2020 – India and the United Kingdom go into lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

26 March 2020 – Global COVID-19 cases reach 500,000. (WHO)

30 March 2020 – Spain surpasses China’s death toll in relation to COVID-19.  (WHO)

The end of March only brought upon an even more interesting April, people all around the world, crossed fingers that the UN, or World Health Organisation would take over and declare all this a very elaborate April Fools Prank… Which brings us to;

2 April 2020 – 1,000,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded. (WHO)

5 April 2020 – Malayan tiger tests positive for COVID-19, being the first animal to be infected. (Bronx Zoo, New York City)

8 April 2020 – China ends their lockdown. (Wuhan City, China)

13 April 2020 – 30 people die in Easter Sunday Tornado. (United States)

14 April 2020 – International Monetary Fund declares worst economic contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s. (IMF)

15 April 2020 – COVID-19 cases surpass 2,000,000 worldwide. (WHO)

18 April 2020 – Killing spree in Nova Scotia, 23 murdered. (Canada)

20 April 2020 – Oil prices fall into negative value.

27 April 2020 – COVID-19 cases surpass 3,000,000 worldwide. (WHO)

27 April 2020 – The U.S Military publishes videos of UFO activity, authenticated by the Pentagon as unidentified. (USA)

So basically, April brought us a huge surge in coronavirus cases, more countries adopting lockdown to curb the virus spread, and not as surprising as it should be – UFO activity! May we move on to …

1 May 2020 – 1,000,000 COVID-19 patients have recovered. (WHO)

5 May 2020 – United Kingdom reports highest death toll in Europe due to COVID-19.

6 May 2020 – Astronomers announce the first black hole visible to the naked eye. (SIMBAD)

10 May 2020 – COVID-19 cases surpass 4,000,000 globally. (WHO)

12 May 2020 – Gunmen kill 24 people and 2 newborn babies in a maternity hospital. (Afghanistan)

14 May 2020 – United Nations warns of a looming mental health crisis, due to isolation, fear and economic uncertainty. (UN)

21 May 2020 – Cyclone Amphan displaces over 4 million Indians and Bangladeshis, and leaves hundreds dead. (Eastern India and Bangladesh)

21 May 2020 – COVID-19 cases surpass 5,000,000 globally. (WHO)

22 May 2020 – Flight PK8303 crashes in Pakistan killing 97. (Karachi)

26 May 2020 – Riots break out across the United States, in protest of the murder of George Floyd. (USA)

26 May 2020 – Costa Rica becomes the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage.

30 May 2020 – The first crewed flight of Dragon 2 spacecraft is to be launched from Florida, taking of from U.S soil.

That draws the first 5 months of 2020 to a close, not without recognising Ahmaud Marquez Arbery (23 February 2020), Breonna Taylor (13 March 2020), George Floyd (25 May 2020) and all the other innocent African-Americans to lose their lives simply due to their skin colour. We mourn all the lives lost to the pandemic, we ache for all those battling through unemployment and we beg for race wars to end. "A riot is the language of the unheard" - Martin Luther King Jr. It has been tiresome, tragic, and terrible… 

If we are looking for the lesson of 2020, it is to stand together, as a single race – the human race.


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