4 simple habits to help the environment

Tuesday, June 01

By Ana Lucía León

Let's be honest. We're are the generation who's meant to solve all this climate change crisis that's been emerging over the past few years. Why? Because the caring about the environment is cool and rad and sexy. 

So, what are we going to do about it? I'm not saying everyone needs to make a 180 degree change in order to save the world. That's way too radical, and also nonrealistic, but there's always some little thing we can start doing to reduce the impact our lifestyles have in the environment. 

1. Say no to fast fashion

I get it, sometimes we just need a black $20 cardigan from Asos, or a basic pair of jeans from American Eagle. That's fine, but it'd be cool for us to opt for some sustainable alternatives for certain pieces of our wardrobe. Now, it's important to note that because of all the effort that's put towards these pieces being sustainably and ethically made, they might be a little bit on the more expensive side, and not everyone has access to it, but don't worry. I got you. 

If shopping from sustainable stores is not really your thing, and you're looking to define your style, the thrift store is the place for you. Recently, thrift stores and flee markets have been thriving in the fashion community, giving every outfit a unique and vintage vibe.

2. Eat less red meat

Now, I'm not saying to cut meat completely out of your diet (if you are used to eating meat), but it might be a good idea to eat it less often. You might be surprised to hear this, but according to The Guardian, it takes from 5,000 to 20,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of meat. Plus, it's not even so good for us to eat more than 100 grams of raw/65 grams cooked red meat a week, according to the nib.

Bottom line, eating lots of red meat can be harmful to both us and the planet.

3. Carpool!

Now, this is a very fun way to help the environment. I can confidently say that the best study sessions I've ever had have been in someone else's car on our way to school at 6am; the music is blasting, we're panicking and somehow we both get an A on our test.

You can carpool with your friends on your way to a party, school, a pep rally or even on a road trip; plus, driving with a friend makes the ride much more enjoyable. With "Hot Girl Summer" coming up, this might be a great alternative to see your friends often while still having fun, and reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Embrace the Hydroflask (or whatever thermos you prefer)

I know VSCO girls made thremos seem a little bit out of style or whatever, but I don't really care. One of the worse products for the environment is plastic water bottles; let's face it, it's a little bit less convenient to be carrying a water bottle around, but it's not really that big of a deal, so just buy one.

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