5 Underrated YouTube Channels Keeping Me Afloat During Quarantine

Monday, July 06

By Shreya Ghosh

Thank goodness for YouTube and Netflix, quarantine doesn't feel half as hellishly boring as the idea initially sounded. Finding the right things to watch can be a task though. Coming across regular content that's consistently entertaining isn't easy. Here's 5 YouTube channels that have been keeping me well during quarantine!

1. Mia Maples

I discovered her YouTube channel in 2018 and her videos have made my days brighter ever since. She already has some solid subscribers who absolutely adore her, but I still feel like this channel is underrated and deserves wayyy more views! Her channel has loads of videos for you to binge-watch and, at no point will you find yourself getting bored and wanting to opt out because each video is as fresh & entertaining as the previous ones! You might have guessed by now that I'm obsessed with this channel, but there's no bias when I say that she's the sweetest YouTuber you'll ever see, and her family is one you'd want to be a part of. Prom dress trials, house/room renovations (the best kind of videos on her channel), playing with make-up, brand hauls, and trying TikTok hacks are just a few types of videos featured on her channel.

2. Nino's Home

I have seen a lot of cooking videos but none are more satisfying than his, in every way a cooking video can be. The videos are captioned in at least 5 languages, which is only one of the things I love about his channel. Not only will the final product make you want to pull out your glass bowl and wooden spoon immediately, but also the entire process is so calming that the videos can totally work as a stress buster. His adorable cat features in almost all the videos and his opinion about the dish is the only one that matters! Everything-- from the beautiful kitchen and materials, to the sounds of mixing, stirring, pouring & shaking against the quiet background, works as more of a relaxer than white noise does!

3. April Han Fit&Fashion

How many of us have wanted to get fitter during quarantine so that we don't bloat up from all the junk we'll gobble, the minute quarantine ends?! For those who have the wish but no direction, this channel I stumbled upon can come in handy. Her videos have been categorized to focus on different areas of the body you want to work on-- arms, thighs, lower abdomen, belly, muffin top, as well as HIIT for a full body cardio. I watched a lot of workout videos (including Chloe Ting and Emi Wong) but April's are the ones that made a noticeable difference to my body (completely personal preference though). Plus, the exercises are fun to do and you won't get bored of them easily!

4. Mad Stuff With Rob

Now, this guy, believe it or not, I've known since I was 5! He had an art show on Pogo called M.A.D (Music Art Dance) and kids LOVED it! He made my childhood brighter every Sunday, when he and his team made beautiful artwork and crafts from the the most insignificant scraps, and performed to music! That show aired through seven seasons before it departed television, leaving us wanting more. It wasn't until a month ago that I stumbled upon a video with a familiar face while searching for a DIY stylus. And there he was! Revamped and renamed, with a plethora of crafts and projects to try on the channel, I found my childhood M.A.D back! Since then, this channel has been keeping me saving wrapping paper, cotton buds and ice cream sticks again! He has amazing easy-to-follow videos for anyone who's not pro at DIY, but loves to try 'em out anyway!

5. Whealth by Slaiman

If you enjoy watching prank videos, this is the channel for you! I've been watching their videos for 2 years now and they still come up with something new every time! Watching Kate get teary for a prank Slaiman pulled on her, or Slaiman paying for his prank-that-went-too-far on Kate's "revenge videos", will give you a good laugh once a day! They are a couple that have been together for several years now but I'm surprised (as are many of his other subscribers) they still can't anticipate a prank the other one is pulling on them! Every time, one of them emerges laughing victoriously, while the other one is visibly mad or feeling stupid for not being able to guess what's going on! Arguably, they are having the most entertaining quarantine imaginable-- always pranking each other or planning the next prank to pull on the other!

You might have already known about some of these channels, but I just really feel that they deserve a lot more appreciation, based on the wonderful content they put up! It's just my personal opinion though. If it's not something you agree with, I totally understand; everyone likes to watch different kinds of videos and 'lifestyle' might not be your type!


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