A Colorful World: A Poetic Series

Tuesday, July 07

By Allison Kephart

A colorful world

I look around at the world to see all of its beauty,

But I have trouble seeing the colors.

There are bright yellows and deep blues.

The shining sun illuminating the oceans below.

I know these colors exist, but I can’t seem to find them.

I hear them talk about how such warm colors make them feel.

The sensation of the most astonishing comfort.

Like a loving hug from the one who neglects you most.


Extravagant reds, in every heart attached to another.

My heart is on its own, longing for that feeling of comfort the sun gives.

It has been so long since my soul has felt the touch of affection,

It seems that it has lost the ability to feel love.

Everyone wants to feel the warmth of love.

Like that beautiful sun, above the sky.

In these deep waters, I yearn to touch its heat.

I just want to be like all the rest.


Lying in the sun, surrounded by its warmth;

While I’m struggling in the waters, I can hardly see.

That sun makes you warmer, while the water makes me colder.

Should I hold my breath or float to the surface?

This colorless ocean turns to a gentle lake, light in color, but it’s color.

I can see that cheerful sun laughing to me, reaching out to me.

The water is no longer cold; the world is no longer frigid.

I take one last breath before welcoming the sun into my life; its light overwhelms me…

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