a dream (a poem)

Friday, April 23

By Ava Paez

as MLK had a dream, so do i

a dream where police shouldn’t be feared

where people of color shouldn’t be nervous walking around the street without being hate crimed and looked at weird

a dream where rapists and racists are held accountable 

and the system doesn’t let us down

a dream where our politicians believe in climate change

and water and air pollution is gone

where we we recognize that our oceans are dying

and the earth is crying for help, yet no one is helping her

as the sky turns from a radiant blue to a foggy gray

and the ecosystems wither and everything’s gone astray

i have a dream that us humans work together and put aside our differences to save the planet

but this is only a dream, right?

a wish that i could only hope to come true

but, as much as i could wish, a dream is only a dream

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