A field of daisies

Monday, May 10

By Lisa Porter

Remember that time

That feeling

That song

When for once, we didn’t want to die because

Damn it finally felt good to be alive

When you loved me as much as I loved you

When we laid in that field of daisies

And we thought

If this is it

If this is how it ends

How perfect that would be


Remember that wharf

In that old fishing town

When we got lobster tails right from the boat

Butter dripping down our chins

As our laughter intoxicated everyone around us

That whole pier was drunk on euphoria


Remember that day

When I bumped into you

After years living our lives as strangers

How your hair was longer

And mine was shorter

And there was more wisdom and hurt in our eyes

We stopped to talk, outside that old café

The one we got day drunk in and had gotten kicked out

You were carrying flowers

A bundle of lilies

Forget-me-nots had been my favorite

And you used to pick me them by the handful

Now, lilies were the replacement

And so was that girl

Dark hair and dimples

Tanned legs under tiny shorts

Waiting in your car

A new one

Not the old beat-up jeep that you loved

That I loved


A loved that WE loved

A life we wanted to live

A death we weren’t scared of because we would have each other

Wherever souls go

Ours would be together

And that was enough


We didn’t need confirmation,

Affirmative nods, and hand squeezes

It was all in the eyes

They never could be dishonest

And that day

On that cracked sidewalk

Your eyes told me everything I needed to know



When we passed on from this life

we would be together



that dark tanned dimpled girl in the passenger seat

was only for a little while

me and you were going to be for infinity

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