Here's a French Playlist to Broaden Your Music Taste

Sunday, January 31

By Océane Grassiano

In France, although we listen to a lot of international songs, we also have great artists, who are sometimes even known worldwide. That is why I want to tell you about our "songs of the moment", maybe you already know some without even knowing it!

One of the artists who made her ascent in 2019, Aya Nakamura, is certainly one of the French singers best-known by young people in the world. Indeed, her songs have made many people dance, especially on Tiktok, with songs like: "DjaDja", "Pookie" or "Comportement". In fact, her song "DjaDja" was covered by the famous Colombian singer, Maluma. 

In 2020, it was Wejdene, a 16 year old girl who made Tiktok dance with her song "Coco" that you certainly know!

Here is our French playlist : 

- Plus Jamais, Aya Nakamura (Feat Stormzy)

- Bande organisé, 13'Organisé

- Angela, Hatik

- Burnin, Petit Biscuit (A french DJ)

- Beau papa, Vianney

- Donne moi ton coeur, Louane

- Ca ira, Vitaa and Slimane

- Nos célébrations, Indochine

- Jusqu'au bout, Amel Bent and Imen ES

- 1 2 3, Amel Bent and Hatik

- Si on disait, M.Pokora

- Jusqu'ici tout va bien, GIMS

- Fever, Angèle and Dua Lipa

Angèle is a Belgian singer, but she sings French. I think it is important to talk about her because she is very influential in France because her songs are very feminist, which is why Dua Lipa wanted to make a duet with her. 

Some of Angèle's songs :

- Balance ton quoi

- Oui ou non

- Ta reine

- Flou


So, did you know some of them? 

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