A letter to my younger self.

Thursday, February 11

By Niamh Donnelly

You are beautiful.

You are more than just your body. Do not let some unworthy boy have their way with it because of their empty words and promises.

Your mind is your greatest asset and also your hardest enemy to defeat but please, just keep fighting. Your mind will inspire poetry that could make your brother cry.

You will find love, in the most and I mean, the most unexpected of places. But then you'll lose it again. It's okay, you'll always have your mother.

Yes, your mother. It's a tricky relationship that gets worse before it gets better but I promise you are stupid to think that she doesnt love you more than life itself. She was raised in a different time, and it may seem to take forever, but she'll adjust.

Your family are different. They think differently and they have values that are of no importance to you but they will always support your every endeavour.

Back to your body, I know you are sick to the teeth of hearing Mum say that the human body is God's greatest machine but what she really means to say is: Your soul and your body are outstanding, but they are one and the same. You can't mistreat one without affecting the other. 

One day you will find fulfillment in the simplest of things and you will be proud that you came all that way by yourself. I wish I could say it wont hurt one day but all I can say is you will find distraction in the waves that crash against the stones on the beach down the lane, you will take a walk there and feel connected with nature and all of her creatures. You will be at peace.

You will make people think one day, I promise.


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