A list of 25 not-so-obvious things you'll need for university/ college.

Wednesday, March 03

By Cerys McAdam

Preparing for University (UK)/ College (AMERICA) is a daunting experience, and there's a lot of things you need to remember. Generally, most people go through the "all the shops are shut because I'm doing this last minute, but I don't have what I need" dilemma at some point, and generally, this is something we want to avoid. So I've compiled a list of 25 not-so-obvious things you'll want to bring with you to help you to prevent this.

  1. Stamps
  2. Wrapping paper
  3. Shot glasses
  4. Tweezers
  5. Measuring scales
  6. Clingfilm
  7. Small safe (for important documents and spare cash)
  8. Sleeping bag (for if a friend comes to stay)
  9. Pizza cutter
  10. Basic toolkit
  11. Teabags
  12. Blankets
  13. First aid kit
  14. Door Stop
  15. Small sewing kit
  16. Air freshener
  17. Batteries
  18. washing up liquid
  19. Cheese grater
  20. Spare charger
  21. Bottle opener (bonus points if it's on a keyring)
  22. Torch
  23. Umbrella
  24. Lighter (for candles etc.)
  25. Iron and ironing board (you can get desk ironing boards to save space).

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