a piece of disparity: square breaths

Tuesday, February 02

By Mia Jo Domenick

Dear reader,

The following article of poetry was made based on my viewpoints on how men have and seem to continue to treat women. It appears that we all preach for equality, but do our actions display as such? This is an umbrella over the lot I have to say on this issue, for there are many different aspects to analyze. However, I will briefly summarize with this: mothers, educate your sons.


breathe in for 4


as a woman, i learn shame far sooner

than love.


hold for 4


i wish men were able to

taste this:

this metallic, bitter taste

that lingers in my mouth when they put me down.


breathe out for 4


the thing is,


that they will never understand the pressure.

the feeling of being less

because of your sex.


hold for 4


i suppose that's the life

for a woman.

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