a piece of uncertainty: how will i get there?

Friday, April 16

By Mia Jo Domenick

Dear reader,

Very recently, I have been put into a situation where I have to make a large decision that not only affects my life but others. For this choice, I am forced to think about my future. When I had thought about it, I was able to pinpoint a feeling. In the following poem, I have exaggerated the feeling into something unrealistic and unachievable, as "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" is untruthful. Yet, it summarizes what I want to feel in my future: to be in a peaceful state given any situation.


everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.


i can only fantasize of it.

but what is there to fantasize?


i know the exact feeling,

the exact sensations.


but i don't know what would lead me to it

(it being where everything is beautiful and

nothing hurt).


the feeling would be happy, i think.

the sensations: hard to say/describe.


i just am unsure of how i would get to that climax 

of blissfulness.


would it be a lover?

would it be me? 

or maybe not even a person.


would it be closure?



now and then, when i think about it, i can feel a little of the emotion i am

trying to relay to you.


i hope whatever or whoever leads me to that feeling is great,

it ought to be.

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