A Sapphic Love Story Foretold Through Poetry

Sunday, June 06

By Niamh Donnelly

When we met.

Your eyes were the first thing I noticed;

I saw you from across the room,

But your eyes stood out to me;

As if I were under the sea,

drowning, drowning,

Your hand appears from the blue-blackness

And pulls me out.


You were flustered, caught in the rain,

Here for the dry salvation but

The barista knew your order.

You frequent here often.

I am the newcomer in this story.


But alas, I feel at home as you catch my gaze,

I look away to avoid embarrassment but 

My cheeks give me away as they light

With the prospect of you.

Your eyes, 

Your blue, blue eyes linger

For a moment. Or is it wishful thinking?


Our first date.

I frequented that coffee shop for weeks afterward,

Just to catch you there again.

I needed to be witnessed by those eyes again.

My heart wished for me to touch you,

To ensure that you are not a cruel punishment,

A figment of my imagination

Created to taunt me.


But you arrived.

And boldly, you sat down in front of me.

You caught me off guard for the first time.

But not the last.

You stared at me with those eyes for what felt 

Like eons.

But I never tired.


Your hair was wet from the rain again

But it was different. Cut. 

A new fringe matted across your forehead.

You stuttered as you tried to explain how

You saw me the other day and wished to

Say hi, but didn’t have the courage.

Oh, how I wish I could’ve told you of my longing.


How I tell them about you.

She’s incredible. 



I need a new thesaurus to describe her properly.

She’s more than words, more than life,

She is more than beauty.


When we met, an angel appeared to me.

It took me by my collar

And slapped me across the face.

It told me, “she is the one. The only one.”

Then she looked at me, for a moment too long.

I think she saw it too.


There has never been and will never be

A woman as - 

I simply cannot find the word.

It evades me as if I am the predator

And it is the prey.

She has made a poet speechless.


All I can say is

Olympus is missing a Goddess

And I hope the Gods never realise.


Our Wedding.

Gratitude played on our minds 

As we said our I do’s.

Because a few years ago,

It would’ve been impossible.

I thank the Gods it is no more,

Because I could not live a day longer without

You as my wife.


We walked the aisle together

Just as we’ve faced everyday since we met.

Our family’s could not make it,

But our friends made up for them.

They cheered as we renewed the

Silent promises we made that first day.


The scenery was beautiful, 

But I only saw it in the pictures because

I was too busy looking at you.

And dreaming of growing old, 

But never growing tired because

You are my energy.


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