ambivalence: a collection

Monday, March 22

By Simone Harrison


I’m not sure how I feel

About you 

For love has never laced itself 

Into my life

And has never interweaved itself

Into the people I have met. Yet,

With you,

I feel the burst of exhilaration like

When a colony of migrating birds

Soar over the summer evening sky’s face 

Leaving behind a life of sorrow and

Moving on

To bigger and better things.


i’m surrounded by people

and plans


i feel drawn to you

and like i can’t go out

i don’t quite know why

and i don’t know for how long

but is there something wrong with me

oh why’s there something wrong


have you ever bought a car

and your dad always says

to keep your options open

don’t close your mind

don’t get your hopes up

don’t rely on one.

well that’s what i did

and now i have no car

and the car i loved

has been driven away


you have to be weened off drugs

told they’re not good for you

but until you realise it yourself

you’ll never realise

that they were never there

for you in the first place

they weren’t your crutch

they didn’t even love you

it was all in your head

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