Animal crossing New Horizons, will it be released early?

Monday, March 16

By Louise Owen

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most anticipated games right now! You get to take a break from the stress of real life, and get to take time away to enjoy Nook Inc's getaway package! You get to create your very own island, making friends along the way with various villagers! Fishing, bug catching, shopping, working on your home - what could be better? Well, for starters it could be released now. It's scheduled to release on the 20th March, 4 days from now! But everybody wants it to be released now due to being quarantined from COVID-19, and I definitely agree. 

If it's released now, then those who preordered will be over the moon along with those who are rushing to get the physical copy at their local gaming store. I don't see the issue with it being released right now, especially since it's been held back a few times. It's current release date, the 20th of March, falls on international happiness day. But why not make that day come early? Everybody needs something to do, their minds to be occupied because what else are people going to do at home besides worry? Everybody could do with a pick-me-up which is why everybody agrees that it should be released now. I actually woke up to the news this morning about people wanting the game to be released earlier - my dad always keeps me updated on animal crossing news because he knows I love the game! But from hearing the news, I saw a lot of comments on this one particular website where everybody is asking Nintendo to release it early. This website is the Nintendo support forum page! Every comment I've read so far is so right, and If you're unable to go to the link I'll happily show some examples here. 

They're very right in saying that this early release would be a bright spot for people! Imagine hearing the news that animal crossing New horizons has been released and it's ready for purchase, I think I'd cry of joy. I really do hope they release this game early, I truly do! It would most certainly cheer everybody up. Let's hope they listen to us and release this game early!

This comment is very correct, other companies are taking steps to help people out and are releasing things early! I heard that Disney are also releasing Frozen 2 three months earlier to Disney plus! I'm over the moon about that but I really wish that they will release animal crossing sooner, if they release it now then more people will be able to go out to get it before things get worse. Hopefully Nintendo truly do listen to us, or at least respond to our request. 

What do you think? Will Nintendo release it early to bring some hope and joy to their fans? Or will they keep to their original release date of the 20th of march, international happiness day? 

Enjoy Animal Crossing


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