Anxiety, a monster that can paralyze you

Monday, February 01

By Océane Grassiano

Anxiety is something that affects a lot of people, but we still don't talk about it much. Yet it is something that affects everyday life, that follows us in every thing we do, every thing we think. It is very hard to get rid of it.

When we are anxious, many things seem insurmountable, and then we think we can't do a lot of things. But anxiety is not something that characterizes us; it is possible to get out of it. We create invisible barriers that are not unbreakable.

So how can we reduce this anxiety?

For me, music is a great help. Singing very loudly allows me to release the anguish. Sometimes it's a good book that allows me to escape from her, and to be able to go to a world where that anxiety is not there. And sometimes I use sport as a way to take the pressure off.

Actually, there are a lot of ways to release anxiety, but you have to find the one that works for you. It can be writing, cooking, going out with friends, watching a show, drawing, going for a run, playing video games...

There are also some Instagram accounts that give good advice on how to manage anxiety, here is my selection:

- @dlcanxiety




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