at peace (a poem)

Thursday, February 04

By Ava Paez

outside, her legs dangle off the hammock

swinging in peace, the breeze gently caressing her hair

the sun shines brightly down upon her, warm rays of light filtering through the heavens

birds chirp soundly above and the clouds slowly drift across the sky

yes, at peace


setting down her book, feet meet the luscious feel of green grass

inhaling a deep breath of fresh air, she wanders off to go to the cove

the roaring waves crash upon each other



but then the tide stops its dangerous assault as she walks by

the water, now tame, creeps up the sand circling her foot

the soothing ocean calms her and makes her feel at peace

yes, at peace


the girl notices the sun setting, a cascade of colors painted across the sky

she sits on the warm sand and watches dolphins flip over waves and dive down into the aqua sea

palm trees sway in perfect harmony to natures whistling ocean breeze

darkness floods the sky, taking over as the moon shimmers with beams of moonlight glittering over the water

she nods her head, at peace with today and returns back to her hammock for one last read, fireflies surrounding her

yes, at peace

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