Barre: The New Favorite of Fitness Gurus and Victoria Secret Models Everywhere

Saturday, November 16

By Kate DuBois

Barre Style workouts have been making headlines recently on Instagrams of the elite Victoria Secrets Models, fitness gurus and A-listers alike. Some swear by it, learning to love the burn and the low impact that packs a punch. Getting runway-ready is no easy feat, but the workout is certainly up to the task. 

The popularity of the workout has even spread to China, as classes there as well as in Hong Kong as demand has been increasing since Victoria's Secret 2017 show held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Pudong, Shanghai.

Alannah Walton says:

'Barre class is definitely a core part of my workout routine. It tones, sculpts and lifts your butt like nothing else. I love making it a regular part of my weekly routine as I always feel strong and elongated afterwards'

So what is barre anyways?  and why are celebrities raising the barre when it comes to their workouts? The workout and all its variations promise to tone the body and burning fat, all while improving range of motion and flexibility. 

So what are the benefits of barre?

  1. Your Posture Will Improve: Posture enhancing and stretching movements help you feel taller, and walk with a little more confidence
  2. You Will Become More Flexible:  Hard workouts followed by good amounts of stretching will have you noticed an increased range of motion
  3. You'll See Some More Muscle: (without the bulk) throughout classes, engaged core and glute muscles give them some serious TLC.
  4. Barre Workouts are Time Efficient: classes are usually around an hour but pack a punch. If you're looking for a sweat-inducing activity in less than 60, barre is the go-to

There is an endless supply of barre classes from Ballet Bare to BarreCore  in whatever city you may be in,

but here is one favorite from the New England area:


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