Britney Spears darkest lyrics: How artists portray their reality through music and writing.

Thursday, February 18

By Julia Martinez

Sadly, it's no secret Britney Spears is headline of all news, once again. Something unfortunately she has been used to the majority of her life and has been dealing with for what seems like an eternity. When hearing all the tragic events she has experienced during her path as a performing artist that lead to her breaking point and a huge injustice, I couldn't stop thinking about the lyrics of an unreleased song of hers, that many fans will know, called Mona Lisa.

And it goes a little bit like this:

“She was taken under drowning in her sea, running like an angel, she was crying and could not see. Now see everyone’s watching as she starts to fall, they want her to breakdown be a legend of her fall”.

This song was leaked during 2009, a year after Briney Spears’s implemented conservatorship that left her with no legal control of her assets.

I found the lyrics to be disturbing and intriguing and started digging deeper into her writing and the timing of this releases.

This is a fragment of 2007’s Piece of me.

“I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17”. “Another day another drama, guess I can’t see the harm, im working and being a mama and with a kid on my arm”.

“You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me”.

Some of Britney’s lines could be seen as clear sign of her actual mental health state and her daily struggles as not only a singer and performer, but a human being.

Take Abroad for example, recorded in 2008;

“Think is just need a getaway” “Time that i make my great escape, i need it now, i need it today”.

When i read this and check the year it was made in, one can’t help but wonder, What was she running away from? What were they trapping her into? What was she trying to say?

And these questions combined with an unreleased song from The Blackout album called All that she wants really got me thinking about how much writing and music have worked as a safe space for her to rely on. We can take a look into Britney Spears’s world and what may be her darkest work with just the power of words and the guidance of music;

“No more chains that you gave me. Enough of pain”. “How can you men stand sleeping at night? The silly pattern that i followed, i saw my mama being swallowed. By the one, who she loved, pulled her down, couldn’t see up above. Manipulation was his key”.

It’s a fact that music and writing (and all arts for that matter) can have such a huge impact, that it can connect with other people from different parts of the world, with different life experiences and journeys and different ideologies.

Britney made a wonderful job at uniting everyone through her art and i  hope she found peace and shelter in sharing her wonderful gift with us.

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