Broken Mirror

Sunday, June 12

By Lisa Porter

I tried to smile in the mirror but the image staring back didn't budge

When I grimaced, it obeyed and displayed the wrinkles on my face this expression entailed

I turned sideways and observed my profile, and like always, I was unhappy with my not quite flat belly

But when I tried to strike a confident pose, the image wouldn't follow my lead again

What is wrong with this mirror? Who is this person on the other side if not me?

Oh well, no time to figure it out, I have places to be

Later that night, after a few drinks, my friends and I went through the pictures we took that evening

"Oh you always take such good pictures, I love this pose." One says to you

You glance at the photo shocked she can't see what you see

A non-thin girl with so many flaws, she hasn't liked a picture in years

So, once again, the next morning you are standing in front of the broken mirror

You remember what your friends had said the night before, about how much they loved your pictures and poses, and you remember that as you smile into the mirror again

This time, the mirror must have gotten fixed over the night, because it obeys and smiles back

Another turn and a glance at your side profile, wow this mirror is more than fixed, it has powers

Because for once, your stomach looks fine

Or maybe, you think as you move closer to scope out the landscape of your face

Concentrating on the trail of freckles across the bridge of your nose, your emerald green eyes gleaming back

Maybe, you have the power

The power to alter your reflection based on your thoughts

Perhaps, if you think positive about the image you see before you

The image you see reflected back will in fact be a positive one

If you're always looking for flaws, well you are sure to always find them

So, could it be?

If you were to start looking for beauty in everything

Would you be able to find it? 

Tucked in corners you had never thought to look before?

Hiding behind a strand of hair or a blade of grass? 

Well, I'm not sure of this, but I will learn to try

The best time to start is today

And I suggest the first step is to find the beauty in the mirror that maybe was never broken, to begin with

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