a piece of comparison: those sunny days

Wednesday, January 27

By Mia Jo Domenick

Dear reader,

This composition of poetry was created after an argument with someone very dear to me, as I noticed that they had felt it was acceptable to hurt me as long as they gave me time to "heal" and apologized. When quarreling with someone, I try to step back from the situation and absorb what I could have done to fuel the fire. So, I made a connection that is expressed in the poem below.


do you remember those sunny days in july

back in 2008?

those days when you would go to the beach with your family:

too scared to enter the abyss of the ocean,

yet too worried about scorching your skin on the sunlit sand?


i'd have rathered to sit under my mother's umbrella as she read:

digging up sand,

using my hands to pat each particle into a larger one.

repeating those same steps until i had a mount of sand, as tall as me, 

if not taller.


then, 'you know what my favorite part was?

standing up,

gaining stamina,

and using all of my goddamn force to kick the thing down.


my mother would holler at me,

moaning about crumbs of sand meeting her eyes.

though, she never did make me stop.

i did it time and time again.


is this what you do?

building me up using grains of confidence and

positivity and


patting it all into place with your kisses?


and then,

'you know,

your favorite part:

standing up, gaining stamina,

and using all of your goddamn force to kick me down.


i sure do holler at you,

maybe you could ever call it moaning,

but i want you to stop.




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