Wednesday, April 27

By Lisa Porter

Another flip of the calendar, a new month fresh for now from the markings, 

Of a life continuing to roll on

Another death in the paper, a little increase on the price tags in the food aisles

And another for sale sign up in a not too old salon

People moving on to better things, money be damned because they can't stand to stay in this town a second longer.

Tired, cranky and shallow, this is a place the young can no longer conquer

We ache for the city, those lights and the sounds  and the opportunities that always seem to mesmerize

Not the mundane, the lack of using our brains, the unsettlement that terrorize

Lace up your shoes and tie back your hair, and get ready to face the world

No, not this one, with its too small corners, the big vast one full of beauty it will make your head twirl

I promise you, it's worth it so much potential side by side,

That if you don't succeed at one thing, there will be another opportunity right behind

 And when you feel like going home just take that album down from its dusty spot,

Flip it open to that page of that favourite summer, the one that was unbearably hot

Smile because that old town with the polluted beach and the unkept trails shaped who you are today,

And you wouldn't be you if you hadn't heard and experienced what the town had to say

So lay down your head tonight and breathe easy knowing you did your best

We all have people we had to leave behind so no need to feel guilty,

Just rest

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