Dear COVID, we have some questions.

Wednesday, December 29

By Lisa Porter

Behind the masks, the family of four are all smiles at the airport. After two years apart they are finally together again, just in time for the holidays.

Will this be the last holiday that Covid controls?

After squirting some hand sanitizer on his already cracked hands, the fourth brand of disinfectant he has used at the four stores he has been doing his Christmas shopping in, he has to take off his glasses again because the mask that has become a permanent fixture on his face has still not found a way to get along with his glasses.  His vision may be blurry but at least he'll be semi-protected.

When can the mask come off for good?

 Somewhere in a hospital on the other side of town, there is a grandmother who is dying. A lone son sits at her bedside. The woman wishes her whole family could be there together because she knows, she can feel it in her bones, that this is her last day on earth. The last two years of her life were stolen from her and she weeps at not being able to spend her last holiday season with her family.

Will her kids have to face death alone too?

  A single mother of two walks blearily into her apartment after 60 days of working 16-hour shifts, she is exhausted in every sense of the word. She has not had a full day with her kids in months, and she won't be able to spend Christmas day with them either. The whole nursing staff is sick, and she is the last one standing. She will be spending Christmas at work while her kids, her precious understanding kids, will be with their father. She doesn't know how long she can continue like this, to be this burnt out at 35 should not be an option.

When will this end?

The party bus unloads at the casino, and the party of 20 files out. You would never know in this part of the world, that Covid was still a thing. Pandemic or not, this groom-to-be is determined to have a bachelor party, everyone is vaccinated so who cares? This virus had already taken enough of his life.

Now that another year of Covid has ended, many people have taken a "we'll take a risk and hope for the best." sort of stance on it.  The hesitation to let life slip by is slowly going away. So, what will this year bring?

When will this be another sickness that becomes as commonplace as the flu? A sickness without a second thought or a news announcement of the percentage of people sick? When can our lives and the plans we made go on?  How long before everyone stops feeling guilty for making that trip to see friends and family or having a small get-together?

The battle between wanting to get on with life Covid be damned, and hiding in your house until the virus gives you permission to come out and live a life, the life you used to have, is raging on inside all of us. What will this new year bring?

It is easy to say 'whatever' when Covid has not touched you personally, or you survived unscathed, but does that mean we embrace this new normal or fight for the good old days?

One thing for sure, we need to be more united in these tough times and help each other come out of this weary winter a little bit warmer.




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