Don't Shop 'til You Drop

Wednesday, May 26

By Sophie Maria Kibinian

I love fashion. I love keeping up with trends, love seeing beautiful girls getting creative with their looks, love scrolling through Pinterest and creating mood boards. However, there’s always one idea that comes to my mind, whenever I see a new trend emerging: When the trend is over, what will happen to the clothes?

From Zara’s flowing mini green dress to pastel colors aesthetics to specific yellow bags, will these items be reused? Or will they just appear in a picture and disappear in our closet?

One thing I can’t stand in fashion is, the fact that we buy to follow the trends, and rarely use them again. We are subconsciously contributing to fast fashion and to the destruction of our planet.

Here are 3 ways to shop in a conscious manner:

  1. Before buying the item, ask yourself: Will I use it again?

One of the prime examples I will give is the cow print jeans, let’s be real, nobody decides to buy cow print pants because they “like” it, we buy it because it’s trendy, but will we reuse this pants in 3 years? Can I wear these pants one several occasions or just specific ones? Do they match with several other items in my closet? These are questions we should consider before buying clothing items.

  1. Do I love it?

We often tend to buy pieces, even if were not really into it, even if were not fond of the item. We buy it because it’s trendy. But isn’t the point of shopping…to match your liking?

  1. Is this an impulsive decision?

Before handing over your card, ask yourself, is this a well planned decision? If you walked into the store to only browse and found yourself at the register with some items, it’s probably an impulsive decision.

What I am saying isn’t to, restrict yourself from shopping for fun, but I personally believe that we can save so much more (either money or the planet) by shopping consciously.

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