You Need to Protest With Us: Being an Ally for Racial Injustice

Sunday, May 31

By Aliyah Reese

I am a Black woman in America and things are a little rough right now. 

Not only am I a part of two marginalized groups, but the core of my identity is constantly under attack. America is not a safe place for me, nor has it ever been, and a lot of people need to recognize this.  The recent events of the past few days have just opened up an unhealed wound plaguing this country. Another senseless murder is just a part of the injustices black people encounter in this country on a never-ending basis. I am not here to lecture or educate why enough is enough.  I, and others, are counting on you to know this and now is the time to do something about it.  If you were waiting for your call to action; this is it. 

What can you do to be an ally? 

  • Pull up. We have moved past the time in which we are asking you for your help.  We need other people to listen to us and hear our cries of injustice and do something about it.  Don’t stand by watching all of this unfold; that only makes you complicit.  Don’t watch us suffer anymore, we’ve been suffering for over 400 years. Enough is enough. 
  • Save the tears.  Declaring over and over again that you feel sad and are shedding tears over how black people are treated is festering the wound.  We, as a group can not swim through your tears and please don’t make us.  Make your point.  Be loud, but don’t do it at the expense of shoving your feelings and guilt at us. 
  • Educate yourself.  Learning about the injustices black people face not only in America but in other countries is your responsibility.  You can not put the burden of your lack of education onto black people ourselves.  It is not our purpose to educate you on the generational injustices that we face and that POC face in this nation.  The duty is on you to learn and grow from the mistakes of others. 

What action can you take? 

  • Protest. I know we are in a pandemic right now and the thought of leaving the safety of your home is daunting.  But if you can and feel comfortable leaving your house to protest do it. We are stronger in numbers.  It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, taking a stand is what is important in order to stop a vicious cycle. 
  • Advocate.  Almost everyone is on social media. Everyone. If you have a social media presence, use it.  Raise awareness to what is happening currently.  Raise awareness of what HAS happened.  It doesn’t take long to post or hashtag something.
  • Call out others. I’m sure we all know someone that has said or done something racist. Do something about it. If you want to help, call out others for continuing the cycle.  Their words and actions may not be directly killing us, but they are effectively killing our spirit. Speak up. 

This doesn’t cover everything. It doesn’t even begin to, but this can be a start for some of you.  A start for you to do something and make a difference. This is a call for action.  Don’t read this and do nothing. Donate if you can, protest if you feel comfortable, and call out others.  There’s something for everyone to do, there’s no excuse.  As a citizen of this nation you owe it to the countless others that are suffering to do something. 



Petitions: #JusticeforAhmaud - #Justice for Breonna Taylor

Color of Change - #JusticeforFloyd

Readings: So you want to talk about race by Ijeoma Oluo



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