Saturday, August 07

By Sophia Marie Green

I have traveled over mountains and deserts with you, enjoying your company even in the worst condition. I have given up so much for you, my friends, my reputation, and my relationship with my parents. But I regret none of it, it's all worth it for you.

I don't know how this happened, or why it had to. As I bleed out onto your pale skin, I wish it could've ended differently. But not everyone gets a painless end. At least I have you by my side. Though I don't want your skin stained with my blood and I don't want your tears to stain mine. We've been here many times before but this feels like the last.

Now you sit next to my body and try to keep the tears in. I feel the hand of death starting to grip me and pull me away from from you. I can only peer at you through my dying eyes. I am grateful that you are my last sight.

It's going to be alright. Everything is okay. You can cry now. You can feel sad. Just don't forget me. I wish I could stay, but we didn't have the timing right.

I can't stay any longer. We had our time but now I must go. I can see you leaning on my body but I am not there anymore. You have to say goodbye. Leave me, please. I'll see again one day.

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