"Euphoria" and The Dawn of Self-Expression

Wednesday, October 16

By Sydney Whitt

Euphoria, love it or hate it, was a show that was different from most of the other teen shows currently out. Maddy, one of the main characters, often sports dramatic looks, filled with jewels, chains and all around self expression that most would consider quite uncommon in your typical highschool. Hunter Schaffer, the actress who plays Jules, has similarly expressive and unique makeup, with abstract lines and shapes. In fact, almost all of the characters have some form of self expression in their "look" .

Scrolling through Instagram, I often see 15, 16, and 17 year olds dominating the explore page, most of them with some sort of aesthetic or loose category that their style can be placed in. As the show became popular on the internet, however, there has been a new wave of colorful, unique and abstract makeup across social media, and even in real life. After the show became popular in my school, yes I'm a teen, eww, I know people seemed to be more expressive in their style, and less worried about "fitting in" to a specific group or look. What does this mean for makeup? I think that the dawn of a more free, inclusive and expressive world will encpurage the next generation of trendsetters, those who will carry the makeup industry up through this era. That said, over time, I do think we will fall into our old patterns, and people will forget that they are allowed to be themselves, but for now, I will enjoy the coming years of freedom and self-expression.

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