Everything (A Poem)

Friday, February 05

By Lane Bashline

Her soft smooth skin, bright and pale, comforting like a doll is to a child

Her soothing voice dances out of her body, like a sweet song from a music box 

The most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen, 

glossy golden brown eyes and bright brown hair, shining in the sun

Her scent, comforting and soft to the nose

Like fresh baked cookies as she pushes her hair behind her small ears

and roses as she dances about

The familiar sweetness of diet coke, dripping down her chin as she laughs too hard

My ears rang with the sound of her giggle spilling out of her mouth

Her smile of pearls bring my eyes to a happy squint

Her toasty hands grab mine, lifting me like a rock

As we twirl around, dancing for hours

She whistles a tune 

As we look at the bright blue sky I realize

Her utter perfection, in every way

Is everything I ever dreamed

In vivid colour

Holding me.

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