Faraway June

Tuesday, July 27

By Lisa Porter

It was a lonely June, a faraway noon,

A late dinner under a pale full moon

You held me close on that last day,

With the wind whispering in the trees, and to the music we swayed

Our moves so in sync, an observer might think,

We had practiced these dances

Many times before

You said in July, we would be able to fly,

To that beach with the white sand with the beautiful cove nearby

I would pack my satin dress, the one you liked best,

And you would pack your grey vest, the one that made your eyes sparkle like the lake

We were going to look grand, and be as carefree as we can before reality,

The good times it would take

And then sometime in August, when the night was the darkest,

We kissed with goodbyes that were hardest

You got on that train, headed for Spain,

Wearing that goofy smile I adored

It took me a minute, to picture you in it, actually moving away

Away from us, and away from the lust,  away from all we’ve ever known

But then you had promised,  lying under the stars in St. Thomas,

That we would always be free,

If we just close our eyes, and open our minds,

We would forever and always just be

So, I'll look forward to seeing you,

And hear that laugh that I always knew, 

 We'll grab hands and head to the church

And when we both say 'I Do' wearing our something blue,

The rest of our life can begin



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