Farwell to the Kardashians; The 5 best moments of Keeping Up

Friday, April 30

By Lisa Porter

Whether you like the Kardashians or not, the fact they have been on for 20 seasons is impressive.

Reality shows that follow the lives of a group of people never usually last that long.

And since they just wrapped their last episode, I thought I would countdown the five best moments of  a show that brought us ugly cries, temper tantrums, heartbreak, babies, marriage and everything in between.

5. “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

This has been a fan favorite for years and of course good old Kourtney was the one to deliver it.

When the family went to Bora Bora for a family vacation, this was the first time Kim’s future husband of 72 days was going to spend one on one time with her family. Of course, us fans could tell from a mile away that his relationship was doomed from the start, but it sure made for great TV. During the episode, Kris (Kim’s boytoy) picks up Kim like a sack of potatoes and tosses her into the water. She lands on her ear which looks painful and realizes one of her $75,000 diamond earrings is gone. She immediately starts crying and freaking out. Her high-pitched wailing draws the attention of her family in the nearby cabins, and she dramatically wails to her mom that she lost her diamond earring in the ocean. This is when Kourtney delivers that great line, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”  Kim runs off to her room crying her eyes out as if she just heard some horrible news. Spoiler alert: her younger sisters end up finding the long-lost earring a few minutes later.


4. Kim tries to beat Khloe up with her handbag.

As a sibling of four, I have had my fair share of fights and I have definitely grabbed whatever item was closest to me to try and hit my sibling, (I know, I know not the best thing to admit) so this scene, which was filmed for the second season, I could actually relate to, because lets face it, there isn’t much the Kardashians do that I can relate to.  To set the scene, Kim had gotten her prized possession which was her Bentley detailed.  She brought along her two sisters to pick up the car only to find to her dismay, that the car was not done yet. Khloe and Kourtney are trying to explain to Kim that the car should be done now, and the guys are just messing around, and Kim gets embarrassed by their rudeness and a fight ensues. Khloe and Kourtney leave Kim who is seething with anger and head to the youngest Kardashians apartment, their brother Rob. Kim heads there after dealing with the Bentley situation and walks in on her sisters talking trash about her. She bursts in the door and starts hitting Khloe with her very expensive huge bag that looks quite heavy I might add. “Don’t be f------ rude.” She says between each swing.   She then finishes the assault with a punch to Khloe’s shoulder. It is definitely a funny thing to watch, and all over an overpriced car.


3. Kim catches Scott in a hotel with a random girl

Ah, Scott. One of the best pieces to this show. There is no shortage of great ‘The Lord’ moments and this one is one of my favs.  Scott and Kim head to Dubai and during this time Scott is really having a hard time, he is trying anything to get over Kourtney. When Kim and her gang arrive in Dubai, they head to Scott’s room and it does not take long for Kim to realize something shady is going on.  Along with the fact Scott is acting weird, she spots a handbag and sets out on a misson to figure out who it belongs to. She finds out one of the bathroom doors are locked and yells so the unknown girl can hear her that she is going to break down the bathroom door. She then decides to confront the girl and goes to the bathroom and bangs the bathroom door open and is heard confronting the girl. “What the f--- are you doing here? Seriously, you’re just like a f------whore” She then goes on to call her some other names and tells her to grab her things and security will escort her out. Who the girl is has never been revealed but of course there has always been rumours swirling about who it could be, but it might be something we never find out.


2. Tristian cheats

So, the fact that I was not sure which time to talk about is sad, however, I am going to mention both because they are equally as shocking. Tristian and Khloe started dating in late 2016 and a year later they are pregnant. People who have watched this show from the beginning know the struggles Khloe has had with infertility and I think everyone was so happy for Khloe when it seemed she was finally getting her happy ending. Tristian, who is a basketball player was out of town while Khloe was literally days away from giving birth. During a night out, there was video taken of Tristian dancing and kissing another woman. They then leave the bar and head to a hotel together and are photographed entering the hotel and then hours later are photographed again outside the hotel.  This of course blows up and gets back to the Kardashian clan very quickly.  Not long after, Khloe goes into labour and her and her family have to make nice with Tristian at the hospital which makes for an awkward situation, I’m sure.   Fast forward to about a year later, Khloe and Tristian are trying to make it work, trying to be a family but things are tense as they would be after something like that. There is a party at Tristin’s house one that none of the Kardashian or Jenner’s were at but that Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s best friend was at.  The next day, there were reports of her sitting on Tristan’s lap which she has always denied and that there was touching and flirting, again something she has always denied, When Khloe tries to get a hold of Tristian she can’t because he is on a plane, and Jordyn isn’t really saying anything or picking up the phone. Later, we come to find out, according to Jordyn they shared a quick peck on the lips. The family immediately shuns Jordyn, and she gets kicked out of the house she shared with Kylie. Khloe and Tristian call it quits this time and life continues.  Fast forward to now, it seems they have gotten back together, Kylie has a new best friend, and things seemed to be going well. But just the other day, there were new allegations that Tristian has slept with some model or something, and they have had contact as recent as this month, after Tristian and Khloe’s daughters third birthday. So, who knows what’s going to happen, or how true these allegations are, I just hope Khloe finds peace and happiness.


1. Kim and Kourtney brawl.

Is it concerning that this is my favorite moment?  Maybe, but man did it make for some good TV. When clips of this fight aired as part of the season 18 commercial, I think a lot of people thought it was fake. But, when it came time to air, it was very apparent it was a very real fight, and what a smack down.  Tensions had been growing between the 3 Kardashian sisters for the past two to three years and to be honest that whole saga is one of my favorites as well, and things finally boiled over when Kim once again criticized Kourtney’s work ethic which was a running bone of contention for years.  Kourtney finally has enough and throws her water bottle at Kim and comes at her.  They start fighting while Kendall is sitting on the bed laughing at first. Khloe jumps in to try and break them up but that fails to work. Kim stands up and says “Don’t you ever come at me like that. I swear to God, I’ll punch you in the face.” Kourtney then proceeds to repeat “then do it, shut the f--- up or do it.”  The slapping and fighting get worse with both getting some good kicks and slaps in, and Khloe finally breaks them up and it ends with Kourtney leaving and Kim tending to the bloody scratches on her shoulders that she got from Kourtney. The whole thing is pretty intense and shocking. Ah, sibling rivalry.


   If you’re looking for some good entertainment, I suggest looking up these clips plus the countless others that didn’t make the cut. I’m sure there were other ones that people would agree were more entertaining than these. Thank God for the internet where these reruns will live on forever and ever.

Farewell to the Kardashians.



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