I don't like flowers

Thursday, September 02

By Ana Lucía León

This is a message for all girls that have (at some point in their lives) felt this way. I want you to know it's okay, it's normal. We've all been through it, and you'll be okay.

I've never been a fan of receiving a bunch of nearly dead flowers from anyone.

Why don't I like flowers? You may ask. For starters, they make me sneeze, and I don't like how they look alongside my skin complexion; plus, they always end up dying on me. That's what I tell myself when someone's celebrating an anniversary with their boyfriend, or when someone proposes. That's what I tell myself to make me believe I don't like flowers. 

From a strictly technical standpoint, flowers are completly useless and fragile garments that'll last, at most, a week. They will then end up in a garbage bin in the middle of nowhere, passing from loved and appreciated to forgotten and abandoned. Flowers will rot and burn and turn into ashes before we can realize they're gone. Flowers can make everyone feel great, but also awful. Flowers are either taken for granted or yearned. Flowers are just not my thing. 

I want to find someone who reads that and understands it's not the flowers' fault that I feel this way towards them; I don't actually hate flowers. The problem is I've never received any. I've never been given a flower by someone I liked; up to this point in my life, flowers have been a dissappointment. Well, let me get one thing straight, it's not that flowers are a dissappointment, it's the lack of someone that notices how much I want one that is.


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