Figuring Things Out

Tuesday, December 24

By Ariana Noghreh

Here's something that we all have in common: We are constantly trying to find ourselves, in midst of all this chaos that's in our lives.Not only that, but we all yearn to express ourselves, yet most of us don't know how to. It's not really our fault, though; some people have a natural ability to express themselves through art, others do it by talking and conversing, and the rest who haven't been able to find the right medium of expression are left alone with their thoughts.

I've personally been one of the latter for a long time. I've always loved drawing and writing songs, but I could never be able to convey my feelings the ~right~ way. And I almost always ended up even more frustrated than I was in the first place. A close friend of mine introduced me to something so mundane that I never believed it could work: writing.

At first, you may react the same way I did. "But, how'd that help?", "I'm not that much of a writer.", "That's stupid, it'll never work.", "What would I even write?". 

Here's everything he told me: He uses writing in a way that helps him "untangle" his thoughts. He uses it to think clearly or figure out solutions for the problems and issues that he's facing, and he uses it to record any interesting observations that he's had that day. 

I still wouldn't believe it worked, but he told me something that made me want to at least give it a try. He told me to put an empty notebook or my laptop in front of me (whichever I felt more comfortable writing in) and to just write. Anything, really. All that was expected is for me to transfer whatever thought I had in my mind to my laptop or notebook. The only that'd matter is that I will have written something.

So I did just that. I opened up my Microsoft Word document, stared at it for a second, and started writing. I didn't even have to pause to think of the right word or check my grammar. Things just naturally flowed out and the moment I was finished, I saw that I had written 2 pages. I only had one simple thought in my mind, but that one thought filled up two pages. I read what I wrote and it suddenly occurred to me that I feel better than when I started writing. I saved that document as"Thoughts From Places" (to pay homage to Vlogbrothers).

This has become a habit of mine. Whenever I can’t talk to my best friend about things, or whenever I just want to let out my anger about something, I open up that same document, add another bullet point (as a new entry of sorts) and start writing.

Maybe this might help you too. Maybe you could figure out the thoughts you have and sort them out better. 

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