Five amazing NoSleep stories to keep you awake all quarantine

Monday, April 20

By Kerry-leigh Reddy

Reddit is a treasure trove for horror enthusiasts aiming to delve deeper into the frightening and unsettling. The NoSleep subreddit allows authors from all over the world to share their experiences and flex their creative muscles. The immersive nature of the sub blurs the lines between fact and fiction and often leaves you with the intense feeling of foreboding. I’ve spent years sieving through the posts and combing the chats and these are my absolute favourite stories. So turn off your lights and prepare to be spooked but don't forget “Everything is true here, even if it’s not.”

1. Room 733 by u/The_Dalek_Emperor

This particular story hit a little too close to home for my comfort. The story follows best friends, Lydia and Becca on their college freshman journey. The innocent adventure of coming into your own as you enter the world of frat parties and all-nighters is forever marred when it becomes clear that the girls have a dorm neighbour- of the ghoulish variety.

2. Borrasca by u/The_Dalek_Emperor

Yes, I’m mentioning CK Walker twice in a row- she’s an amazing writer- sue me. Unlike the previous story, which burns hot and fast, Borrasca is slow, confounding and will likely leave you in tears. Our innocent narrator, Sam, moves to a new town with his family where he makes new friends and starts at a new school. But the good times halts when the sinister townspeople let their suspicious behaviour slip. Don't expect to know what's going on until the very end and when the truth is revealed- you’d prefer you didn’t know.

3. Has anyone heard of the Left/Right Game? by u/NeonTempo

 The Left/Right game is frequently considered the best piece among nosleepers and for good reason. It follows ambitious journalist Alice Sharma who approaches the Left/Right game with a healthy dose of scepticism. The rules are simple, get in your car and take the first left followed by the first right and henceforth for an indefinite amount of time. It’s all fun and games (literally) until they hit the 34th turn.

4. Autopilot by u/Skarjo

I’m not giving away anything on this one- all you need to know is that it captures the horror of routine. 

5. Third Parent by u/Elias_Witherow

This is perhaps one of the most unsettling horror shorts I’ve ever read. Third Parent follows the story of a picture-perfect suburban family whose lives turn into a complete nightmare with the arrival of an unwelcome and malicious guest.

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