Forget your Zodiac Sign, Learn About Your Name!

Wednesday, October 14

By Ariana Noghreh

From my long time of being alive (19 years), I’ve learned many things about life. One of those things is the urgency and importance of figuring out what your name means and where its origins are. Not only is it a great conversation topic, but it also a way to make yourself feel special without doing anything. 

I got interested in my name’s origins when I was learning Greek Mythology at school; one of our lessons was centered around Ariadne and Theseus, and once I saw that version of my name (Ariadne), I knew I had to do some digging. 

After only 15 minutes of research, I realized that not only MANY versions of my name exist, but they all mean various things in different languages. 

In Greek and Italian, Ariadne means "most holy". In Turkish, the two parts of Ariana (Ari, Ana) mean “bee - mother”. In Persian, Ariana means the “Land of Aryans”, which is funny because the name of the country Iran is also derived from my name. In Welsh, Ariana means “wealth” and “silver”, which makes things even more interesting for me because my last name ALSO means “silver” in my language. And then I did some more research on famous people (fictional and real) named Ariana and I couldn't have been any prouder when I found out about the many people with whom I share a name with. (*coughs* Ariana Dumbledore.")

I learned so much about my name and its origins that I started searching about what other names mean. Because of that, I learned a new skill and I can always use it at my disposal whenever I meett someone. If someone introduces themselves and I know a fact or two about their name, you can bet that I'll mention it and most of the time, they were not aware about that fact and are always delighted.

So try to  use this as an excuse to getting to know yourself more. You can only learn so much about things like your Zodiac sign, but to learn about something that has a bigger impact on you and your life, as everyone knows your name but rarely your birthday. Take a chance on yourself and on the name that your parents gave you. 

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