Future Me Wants To Be AOC

Tuesday, February 09

By Moriah Weis

Growing up I never really knew anything about politics. I was always under the impression that it didn't concern me. Now in my twenties, I wish I knew about Congress, about laws, about systematic oppression and how that affects my everyday life. Sure, we all remember School House Rock and what they told us about politics and at the time it seemed so irrelevant and honestly somewhat boring, at least to me. I didn't realize I had power, I could vote and make changes. And even when I could vote I thought "my vote wouldn't count" but now more than ever I realize I was wrong. My interest in politics really began when I watched "Bringing Down The House" on Netflix, a documentary on different woman running for a seat in Congress. When I saw Alexandria, I was immediately drawn to her and her story. I too work minimum wage in the food and bar industry, getting by. You see she lives in New York, and many people see NY as a magical place, and yes parts of it are, but what about the rest of it? Similar to her I reside in Los Angeles. No, not the glamourous parts the influencers show you, I live where it's affordable, away from Hollywood, where there's parks full of poverty in a city where they don't allocate any money to help their own citizens but are paying a police officer upward of $7000 a month. You see, AOC knows the struggles, maybe not exactly mine but she knows. And to see someone who has the same passion and drive to change the world as I do, I have to listen. I have seen many threads and videos on how we shouldn't idolize political figures. 100% agree. I don't have a Biden flag hanging on my porch even though he was my candidate, I don't think of him as a celebrity. I hope he does a good job and wouldn't want to see him fail but wouldn't want him over for dinner either. However, I feel a little different about AOC, she makes me believe I can run for a government job, I can help pass laws that would better my community. She gives me hope that she will make a difference and open doors for minorities and middle and lower class. She inspires and opens the eyes to many young impressionable people that we can be the change. We don't have to rely on politicians to make decisions that affect us WE can be the politicians. So do I idolize her? Maybe to some extent, but not for the sole fact she is a politician, but because what she stands for and how she isn't afraid to speak the truth and she stands up to these radical government officials that need to be stood up to. So I wrote a children's book. Because I know if I was exposed to a politician who grew up like me, and made a difference in the world, I would want to know. I would want to learn more about our country. The dark truth. Because maybe I wouldn't have been so overwhelmed with how broken our country is. Maybe I could have been educated sooner. If you would like to check out my book it's available at futuremewantstobe.com. It's a children's book so not a lot of information like here in this article, but very cute. My hope for this book is to encourage open conversations between parents and children on politics, it doesn't have to be deep. But I think it's important to educate our youth moving forward and encourage them to reach for opportunities that may seem impossible, for instance changing the world. And maybe we can't all do that but if we can change the world for just one person or one group of people, I'd say that's good enough for me. 

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