Gearing Up For Fashion 2020 - What to Be Looking Out For

Sunday, November 10

By Kate DuBois

It may seem a little pre-emptive, but our favorite fashion icons are already hinting at the most popular trends next year. Jungle themes across catwalks are giving off vacation vibes already with bright color combinations, neutral silhouettes, and glitter accent pieces easy to incorporate into your established wardrobe. Hold on to your palm leaves people- here's what to look forward to next year after all the snow has melted:

1. Leather Accents

Sneaky colored leather is going to make its way into everyone's wardrobes. there's no doubt about it. The perfect piece to add a little something. Leather might not be the choice for all, but giving it a try to jazz up a wardrobe is worth a shot. Take a look at the Dolce & Gabbana runway for some inspiration:


2. Millennial Blue 

Millennial pink is so last spring and it is time to make way for the new it blue. As an accent to the darker themes seen throughout the Spring/Summer collections seen in Milan, the dusky blue is easy to fall in love with. Bottega Veneta, Missoni, and Versace sported the blue as the perfect addition to tie an outfit together

3. Introducing that Orange

Yet another color making waves across the runway, a specific shade of orange seems to have made its way across the biggest collections. Normally, pastel colors are king in the early spring however next year might be a bit bolder. The bright, appealing shade of orange dotting the runway is as versatile as the millennial blue and perfect for the transition between Spring and Summer. Marni and Versace were the biggest users of this shade:

4. Glitter and Gold > Pastels 

As mentioned, pastels are going to be taking a back seat next year. Accent pieces are no longer going to be timid light shade, but instead, gold, silver, and flashy pieces will be decorating bright orange and black silhouettes. Don't retire that flashy X-Mas number just yet, keep the glittery pieces to lighten up your outfit like Missoni, Bottega Veneta, Versace and D&G did in their collections:

5. Head-to-Toe Black

The slip dress has not taken a backseat quite yet. Sleek black dresses and sheer accents, gave an unusually dark presence for Spring and Summer. Dolce & Gabbana came out with the most attractive black number from dresses to high heels. 

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