Gratitude of a Woman

Saturday, February 13

By Sophia Marie Green

I am grateful to be a woman. I love being a woman. Even though there are hard times that come along with being a woman, I still love it. I love that I feel alined with the Moon, and that my fellow sisters can feel the same alignment as me.

I love the love that a woman can have for another. I love that woman have the ability to create a new life, to give it the gift of earthly experiences and love it along the way. I love that we can believe in the beauty of nature.

I love the shape of women. The unique curves that each woman has, like a leaf on a tree or a droplet of water in a river. I love each mark, each scar, each fold. I love the eyes that see all the curses of the world, and still guide their bodies through the muck.

I love women's connections. To the Earth, the Moon, plants, other creatures, other women. I love that we are all united through the understanding in our hearts. I love that we can band together and defeat anything that apposes us. I love that we strive to change the world, so our daughters and her daughters will never have to know what we felt. I love that we try to save our Earth Mother and all her children.

I love that women also love women. I love that we all support each other. I love that we can look at a crying girl and insist she say who hurt her so we can hurt them. I love that we will help any other woman, a stranger or a friend, if she is in danger or needs a tampon or a hug.

I love how women are with each other. I love how we compliment each other. How we never let each other feel ugly or stupid. I love how we hold hands and each other in pictures. I love how we buy each other ice cream on a bad day.

So many other women don't like being a woman. They feel sorry for themselves and hurt their own sisters. But all women should love being a woman. Because being a woman is something special. And for that, I am grateful.

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