Greta Van Fleet: The promise of rock music

Thursday, August 12

By Ana Trucco

In a world where rock music seems to have lost its strength within the industry, Greta Van Fleet rose up to prove rock music is very much alive, and can still do the greatest things.

The group was officially formed in 2012, but, in reality, it goes all the way back to when the members were born. Currently composed by 25 years old twin brothers Josh (front man and lead vocalist) and Jake Kiszka (guitarist), their 22 years old younger brother Sam (bass and keys) and their 22 years old soul brother Danny Wagner (drums), who they grew up with in their Michigan hometown, Frankenmuth (US).

Despite being formed in the early 2010’s, their jump to fame didn’t happen until 2017 when, as part of a debut EP, they released “Highway tune” (among other beautiful songs) and people loved it, it went to first place very quickly in lots of charts. They went on to release a second part of this previously mentioned EP, conforming their debut album “From The Fires” that contains eight epic songs. I guess it’s appropriate to say that they started off with a killer body of work, they even won a grammy for it.

A year later, in 2018, they released their second (first official full-length) album “Anthem Of The Peaceful Army” which is, as expected, amazing. However, at the time, they were constantly receiving a lot of negative backlash for their apparent similarity to Led Zeppelin I. Even Robert Plant kind of spoke out on it, but he didn't seem to mind it one bit. He basically said they were wonderful.

Greta Van Fleet never stopped moving, touring, writing and working until the 2020 covid-19 pandemic shut everything down. While being forced to slow down they, naturally, made an album. “The Battle At Garden’s Gate” is their latest piece of work, and it’s honestly mesmerizing. They, both musically and lyrically, stumbled upon sounds and feelings they didn't show us before this, and they did it wonderfully. Greta Van Fleet could finally cut ends with their inspirations and became more original than ever.

Personally, I recommend and love their music because they remind me of decades where rock ruled, and that’s where my heart is (probably will be forever). This group somehow feels both modern and timeless, which are two qualities I believe to be priceless. I’ve been watching live shows and interviews of theirs for about a month now and they are very interesting people, their way of expressing themselves in conversation is seriously good, giving off this very intelligent vibe.

I suggest you give their music a listen, and maybe even watch an interview where they talk about their creativity-filled childhood. They may inspire you, I know for a fact they inspired me.

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