Headhunter: How TikTok Influenced The Whole Music Industry

Thursday, January 28

By Rocio Mourelos

It's fair to say that nowadays TikTok is the most popular app among people. Not only it has provided us an everlasting entertainment, but it has helped dozens of artists to launch their careers.

TikTok users take singles written by not yet discovered artists and transform them into hits faster than apps like Spotify, YouTube or iTunes.  Songs like Roddy Rich's "The Box", Doja Cat's "Say So", and Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" are among this hits that made their way into the charts faster than ever.

Lately, labels are incredibly interested in what's trendy on the app. They promote the popular songs and, in the meantime, keep looking for new artists in order to share their work and arrange contracts and collaborations with othe TikTok stars. This interest started growing when they started noticing how Lil Nas X's hit "Old Town Road" gain its biggest popularity thanks to the people sharing it on the app. Since then, and throughout last year, labels have been in the race of finding new talents and launching them to international fame.

Some artists now start their marketing plan directly on TikTok, This is the case of Megan Thee Stallion, who we all now from that stunning little choreography made for her single "Savage". Her team contacted TikTok to create a massive campaign for her single "Captain Hook" and, even though this single did good, "Savage" was the song that stayed on our minds for a long time. By last March, there were 14 million videos that used "Savage" as a sound.

Despite its capacity of creating fame, some people believe that TikTok is only making artists who cannot take advantage of their 15 minutes of fame and create a certificated career. Anyways, it has also showed that TikTok can also bring back old songs from known artists and make them trendy again. Simple Plan's "I'm Just a Kid" was launched in 2002. Since it was the band's first single and it was not well known yet, the single failed to reach important positions in any international count. In 2020, during the pandemic, the theme returns to the world scene, due to the viralization in the TikTok video application, where it includes a segment of the song in a challenge of poses in new family photographs with old. This rebound achieved platinum certification in that year with more than one million equivalent units sold.

Another artist that was borned again thanks to TikTok (and my personal favourite) is Jason Derulo, who decided to start over with his career and begin creating content for the app. Specialists say he is, by now, the king of TikTok. His videos are hilarious and extremely fit for the TikTok idea of a video. By January, he has 42 million followers and it is said that, with the help of sponsors, he is being paid around 75 thousand dollars per video.

Even though nobody can predict how an artist's career will evolve in the future, TikTok is now the best place to start as it is pretty easy to appear on someone's For You page and begin to grow from there. But, talent is not the only thing an artist needs, as effort and consistency is crucial in order to stay on the spotlight as much as possible.

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