Thursday, April 29

By Rajsi Rana

she is like and unlike those other hesitant beings

for when she was young and dropped a glass, she watched it fall

                                              watching, watching, waiting, watching

and now when she sees her walk by, her feet seem to be stubbornly stuck in the pavement

she watches her

                       her with the beautiful mind and careful mouth

 and does nothing

her movement spills out of temper

                          that quick flash of heat beneath her eyes which are usually so soft and milky

                          and sweet when convenient for those with stories within them

her anger melts into a pool of regret later on

she continues to hesitate

       day after day

       year after year

       lifetime after lifetime

while her soul finds some other home to live in

in another




and goes away as softly as a fairies wings

 as quiet as the clouds moving by above us all.

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