How Love Feels

Monday, April 26

By Lane Bashline

Love feels like a pain so deep

it's tearing out your heart bit by bit

till there's nothing left


Love feels like every breath you take might be your last

wailing on the edge of your seat for help

until you're revived by the sweet sap of their breath

but then there candle burns out too, and you're both gone


Love feels like eating the final piece of cake

a shame flows through your body

coming up with a lie to tell when they ask where it went

the shame slowly engulfs you until there's nothing left


Love feels like a horrible rom-com

the cringing, digging your nails into your knees

the sweet release of death can't come soon enough


but when your love is not rekindled

your set free

the window opens ready for you to fly out

the sky becomes more dreary

as your chains set you free


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