How to be Confident and Unbothered

Monday, February 08

By stina

I recently realised caring about what other people think about me is useless. There is no point of trying to change what people think about me since they've probably already made up their mind. The only thing that really matters are your own opinions. If you wanna wear that dress and dye your hair purple, go for it! Here are 6 tips on how to be confident and unbothered. 

1. delete social media.   Social media can be overwhelming sometimes and it can be neceassary to take a break for a few days. 

2. going out of your comfort zone. This is easier said then done but even if it's hard try to do stuff you are uncomfortable doing until you get comfortable. Examples for this is meeting new people whether it is online or in public, going for a run in the morning, change up your daily routine etc. 

3. be kind to yourself.   No one is perfect so you aren't either.  It takes time a lot of time to master the art of being unbothered so be kind and take care of yourself because you deserve it. Try writing three things you did well and three things you're grateful for every week. 

4. live to please you and only you.  This is your life, you are the main character. Not everyone will be pleased or happy with the decisions you make but they are your decisions so it doesn't matter. 

5. be a little selfish sometimes.  Focusing on youself once in a while isn't a bad thing, take yourself on a date and treat yourself. 

6. wear what makes you confident. You shouldn't wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, try to find clothes that makes you happy. I've found lots of pretty clothes in different thrift stores!

I hope this helped you and remember that everyone goes at their own speed. Just because you are going faster doesn't mean you are going to get there first, just follow your own path on your own pace. 

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