How To Start A Small Business

Saturday, February 13

By Alyesha Chauhan

Have you ever considered creating your very own small business, but you have left yourself wondering where and how to start? Well, I have the perfect article for you. As I currently have my own small business, there are lots of things I would have wished to have known relating to this topic. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know to get yourself started.  

1. All the Essentials You Need

Bubble packaging – This will protect your products when they have been shipped. Meaning, the customer will get the highest quality the packaging can be. In addition to this, the bubble wrap protecting the product ensures no damage will be caused when the customer receives it.  

Printer – A printer is optional can make a business look professional especially when creating thank you cards. In my opinion, the quality would look better when a printer is used to create them compared to when they are handmade.  A printer in a small business can also be used for printing logos or shipping labels which is quicker and more efficient to do at home rather than going to a shop.  

Thank you cards are optional but why not add some personalized thank you messages to make your customers feel appreciated?  

Shredded tissue paper. What customer doesn’t love the cute packaging they can open and enjoy? Making your packaging appealing it will also bring attraction towards your business.  

2. Budgeting and Finances  

Financial –  

Every business needs to invest in the products they are selling, even if they do not make the same amount of money back right away.  You should know, if you put consistency into your business you will get the same back. The investment you make when starting your business, maybe large, however, remember to be patient and keep up the consistency.  This way, you can earn your investments back.  

It's stereotyped that, when you first start a business you will have lots of sales. The first month of business is the starting point, your social media platform is new and your platform needs time to gain an audience and following. 

3. How Do I Sell My Products?

Some websites that are commonly used by small businesses are listed below alongside many more than can easily be accessed.

Remember that most websites you use include fees. This may include transaction fees or listing fees. Before you start your business, make sure to research the most common websites used and choose which one will be convenient for you.  

Not all small businesses use websites. Some prefer to do sales through bank transfer due to the price of the website fees. It is not beneficial to have one however it is an easier and more efficient way to build sales.  

4. Why should I have multiple social media platforms? 

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the 3 most common platforms used in business.  

Having multiple social media accounts will boost your sales. In addition to this when your followers buy your products and tag your business it will attract their followers to your page.  

It is beneficial to have a good quality camera and lighting to take your product photos on. This is essential as it makes your page look professional and, on your platform, your products will be the attraction, boosting the audience.  

5. Where do I want to aim my target audience?  

The larger your target audience is, the more sales you will get. It is important to take into consideration who the target market of your products will be. The audience is secluded into gender, age-range or location, and more. These are the three points you should take into consideration when you sell your products. 

For age range and gender, you should try to create a product that is convenient and useful for everybody within this category. This way by expanding the target market will bring an audience to your business because your product will be useful for everyone.   

For Location, many businesses include worldwide shipping if they are willing to invest in the shipping prices needed to send their products to different states. It is the business owner's decision on if they would like to expand their audience or if they would rather keep the business smaller. 

6.  What skills do I need to start?  

Customer service skills – Being kind to and making your customers feel comfortable when you are talking to them. By being friendly to your customers they will also enjoy your company which is important as they will feel like they can come back to your business again. 

Effective Communication – Giving your customers an accurate description of the products you sell and making sure you are providing them with the details they may want. If not, this may lead to a case of false advertisement. 

Socialization skills – As well as being professional, it is important to make sure the customer feels like they are being approached in a friendly way so they enjoy their experience more.  

Organization skills – Keeping on top of new sales and shipping your products on time. This is important in business because if the customer has paid for first class shipping, so they should receive their package on time.

I hope this article has helped you to launch your own small business. 

Alyesha Chauhan


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