How to Start Reading More and ACTUALLY Enjoy It

Monday, June 15

By Chloe Tan

If "read more" was one of your new year's resolutions but you haven't worked on it yet, you've come to the right place. Even as an avid reader who enjoys reading, I know it can be SO tempting to binge watch netflix all day instead of picking up a book. So, here are some tips to make reading just a bit easier for you!

person picking white and red book on bookshelf

1. Decide on just one book

This sounds obvious, but start by picking just ONE book to read. If there are too many books on your list, you can get overwhelmed quickly. I recommend picking up something you know you will enjoy, and start off by reading for pleasure instead of learning. It can be a trashy young adult romance novel or your favourite thriller, just make sure that it can keep you hooked!

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2. Figure out the perfect time to read, and COMMIT

The easiest way to start off is by incorporating reading into your bedtime routine. Instead of scrolling instagram before you sleep, put your book by your nightstand and read that instead. If night-time doesn't work for you, experiment a bit more and decide on a time of the day that you enjoy reading the most. Stick to the plan for 21 days and make it a habit.

3. Associate a place with reading

Create a condusive environment specifically for reading and relaxing. This can be the beanbag in the corner of your room or just a spot on the floor. This works because the next time you sit in that very spot, your brain associates it with reading and instantly goes into "reading mode", making it easier to get into the book.

4. Participate in reading challenges

Goodreads is probably the most popular platform to talk about all the books you've read. You can create a goal number of books to read on the platform, track all the books you've read and read reviews from other like minded individuals. If that isn't your cup of tea, you can try making new friends on the bookstagram and booktube community and even create your own reading challenge.

5. Try audiobooks

Maybe you're just not a visual reader, and there are tons of audiobooks out there for you. Audible, Google Audiobooks, Librivox are great places to start from. Audiobooks take reading to a whole new level, you can literally read while making banana bread and even in the shower. It's easier to get into, especially if you're new to reading.

6. Read digitally instead

If reading is going to be a long term hobby of yours, consider getting a kindle or nook to save you money in the long run. Reading digitally means you get to take your book shelf everywhere you go, and that means more time to read!

You can also download the kindle app for free on your phone and buy books from there. If you really don't want to spend a single cent, is another great resource that lets you loan ebooks and audiobooks from your public library for free.

person holding string lights on opened book

Always remember that reading should NEVER feel like a chore. Or a bore. I always tell people that if you think you don't like reading, you probably just haven't found a book that you like yet. Go explore the wide variety of genres available! With the widespread accesibility of the internet, you can read up on just about anything. Keep being consistent with it, and I'm sure you'll hit all your reading goals in no time.

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