How to Stop Using Amazon

Thursday, August 06

By Ishita Dubey

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world with a net worth of 186 billion USD. The hideous magnitude of such wealth is disarmingly unapparent so let’s break it down a bit. If you earned $25 an hour and worked every second of every day, it would take you 7,440,000,000 hours to amass that much wealth. That’s 310,000,000 days, or 849,315 years, or 10,616 lifetimes. Not even 10,000 clones of you working together for every second of your entire lifespan—from the moment you left the womb to the moment you entered the casket—would be able to earn the amount of money that rests solely in a single man’s hands.

This type of wealth should strike you as horrendous and absurd. This is not an ambitious man who achieved upward mobility through hard work. This is a man who has systematically taken advantage of economic loopholes to horde money that will never reenter the economy. He is actively reducing the consumer power of our country’s citizens. What’s worse is that this hasn’t gently, slowly taken place over his lifetime. No, Jeff Bezos' net worth has shot up into the hundreds of billions in the last decade alone.

We need to stop using Amazon. Our consumer choice is one of the strongest weapon we can wield against financial tyrants, and we have to use it to stop supporting silent oppressors like Bezos. And though it seems as if stopping the use of Amazon and its subsidiary companies, which have so deviously been integrated into our lives, would be near impossible, it is in fact quite feasible. Here are some ways how:


Etsy is home to small business, artists, and artisans, and you can find just about anything on the site. The smaller-scale production allows for a greater level of intimacy and uniqueness of your products, all with the added benefit of supporting small businesses and artists. 

My sister recently bought me the best birthday present ever from Etsy. It was a wooden spatula with a wood-burned picture of Bad Bunny on it, because I love Bad Bunny and love to cook. So unique and memorable, and zero Amazon guilt!


Redbubble is another great site for supporting small, independent artists. This is an awesome place for cool, unique gifts and merchandise.

I bought my sister’s birthday gift on Redbubble and she loved her new Adam Driver collage tee. So customizable and no money fed into Jeff Bezos’ pockets.

Buy Direct

Buy your products directly from a company’s site rather than going through Amazon as an intermediary. Any company that markets its products will also sell those same products directly on their own site.

Kindle Alternatives

Use Kobo or Nook instead of Kindle as your e-reader of choice. Find all the books you could ever read with the same ease of use and without the affiliation with Amazon.

Whole Foods Alternatives

Shop at your local farmers market or local bulk buy wholesaler instead of Whole Foods. Buying local supports small, local business and also provides you with high quality foods. Here is a great resource to find bulk buy wholesalers near you (in the US).

Amazon Echo/Alexa Alternatives

Try the Harman/Kardon Allure or the ivee Voice as alternatives to the Echo or Echo Dot. There might not be any memes about them yet like there are for Alexa, but they’re definitely still a better option than supporting Amazon.

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