I Am She. - A Poem

Monday, March 08

By Sydney Jackson

I have yet to feel fully accepted as a woman. 

My body is a boy's playground. 

My hair is forbidden territory.

My waist size is offensive. 

And my breasts are a flashing sign stating "asking for it".

As a young woman, I am underestimated, overlooked, and mocked.

As a black woman, I might as well not exist. 

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will always be seen as another man's property.

And yet, I remain strong.

Despite the challenges, I remain hopeful.

I know that the queens before me have overcome the same hurdles, and now it is my turn to adorn the crown. 

To all women, to those adorning their crowns each and every day

I see you. 

Happy International Women's Day  


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