I Played We’re Not Really Strangers With My Friend...Here’s What I Learnt

Tuesday, March 16

By Cadderly Kingsbury

The game We’re Not really Strangers got viral through Tik Tok. I remember watching my first video about it- I tagged my friends with great interest. The game itself is a series of questions with different levels of depth, ranging from fast food orders to the purpose of life, and religion. By the end, you’re supposed to feel a connection with the other person.

The game got off just the physical cards, and appeared on the internet. I personally have found the questions from this game on both a quizlet, and a google document of them.

My friend, who for privacy reasons will be referred to as ‘L’, brought up the google doc, asked siri to pick a number, and the game began.

For some preface, I met L in September. We met online through our universities instagram page. It wasn’t in person for the first term, so we spoke through Snapchat until January, when we both moved to campus. We have a small, close group of friends, and have hung out before, but have rarely just sat down and spoke about these deep topics and our life.

At first, it was awkward. A lot of the beginning questions produced straightforward, simple answers. One of us would answer, then we would sit in silence and nod, then move to the next question. We both began to make attempts to explain our answers, and that effort definitely helped.

The second level, labeled Connection, was a chance for us to form a connection. Many of the questions were about past life events that changed and shaped us. Some asked us to consider our relationship, and be brutally honest with each other. There was one moment when L made me cry with their honesty. It was refreshing, and a good cry. What L said was exactly what I needed to hear, and I don’t know how they knew exactly what to say. I felt so connected to them.

The last level was lighter, although having some heavy questions. It was about reflecting on us, each other, and our lives. It was a good way to end the game, because it wasn’t too dark and deep, but more a send-off, and stuff for the future. It felt like a sunset on a beach.

At the end of this game, I learnt a lot about L. Sure, I couldn’t name their favourite song or their middle name, but I know how they show love, their fears, insecurities, and why they do the things they do. I feel like I’ve gotten to know their soul, and I really feel like our connection and understanding of each other has grown.

I think that this game is a good idea for people that want to know each other, and are comfortable talking to each other. You definitely have to want to talk in order to play, or else it will seem flat and not get personal. If there was a big group of people, or an icebreaker game, this is not the best choice.


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