The Girl From The Walk

Saturday, February 13

By Kenslee Louise

I want to go for a walk. I want to pull on my shoes, step outside, and leave. I want to walk down the hill to the left and just keep walking. I want to walk through the neighborhood, through all of the hidden paths meant for the children at the school that never got built. I want to visit all four playgrounds and rate them based on the quality of swing. By maximum height and flight power. I want to walk past the house with the pretty girl sitting on the porch. I want her to say hello to me. To make me stop in my tracks and marvel at her grace. The girl with the personality of a goddess. Badass yet gentle. I want her to ask me for my number and I’d give it to her with a blush on my face. Is it because of the cold? Or am I already falling? I’ll say goodbye after a quick chat and she will text me as I walk home.


Girl From The Walk


hey ;)                                         11:59 am

                                hey :)         11:59 am


I'll feel my heart race faster than it already was. I’m unable to mask my smile. The crisp air wouldn’t even be able to stop my daydreaming. I’d dream of bringing her home and we’d drink hot chocolate and watch a movie in the basement. But I wouldn’t be watching the movie. I’d be watching her. Watching as her face moves ever so slightly in reaction to whatever Disney movie she put on. The way her face lights up whenever a song is sung or a joke is told. Eventually she’ll notice my staring. “Did you want to watch something else?” she’ll ask. “No, this is fine” I’ll reply. She’ll give a chuckle and ask me whether I meant her or the movie. I’ll tell her to take a guess. She’ll lean in and kiss my cheek, then my nose, then my lips. My face will blush again but this time it can’t be from the cold. I’m falling gracefully into her arms and being swept away by an ever expanding ocean of love. Love. “Is this love?” I’ll ask. “What else could it be.” She’d reply with a gentle smile. 


Before I'd know it I'd open the door to my home and walk inside. I'd sit on my bed and see that she's sent me another text.


Girl From The Walk


do you listen to girl in red?                                                                       12:37 pm

                                     I'm more of a sweater weather type of girl          12:37 pm

                                                            do you listen to girl in red?           12:37 pm

you know it ;)                                                                                            12:38 pm

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